Art of Gold

Low To Medium
Progressive Slot:
Free Spins:
Minimum Bet:
Maximum Bet:
Maximum Win:
20,000x the bet
Special Symbols:
Wild, Scatter
Bonus Features:
Stacked Wilds, Gamble Feature, Jackpot Cards

Art of Gold, developed by Amusnet (EGT Interactive), masterfully combines artistic elements with the excitement of slot gaming. Released on May 23, 2023, it features a 5×4 grid layout and 40 fixed paylines. The game’s aesthetic is a unique blend of art and luck, highlighted by symbols like the fortunate Clover and the Lucky Dollar. These elements bring a distinctive charm to the slot experience.

The betting range is designed to cater to a diverse group of players. It offers a maximum win potential of 20,000 times the bet per line, presenting significant winning opportunities. With an RTP of 96.25%, the game stands above the industry average, offering a more favorable chance of returns. Its volatility is listed as low-medium indicating a balance between win frequency and payout sizes, suitable for various playing styles.

Art of Gold is notable for its Clover Symbol, serving as the Wild, and the Lucky Dollar as the Scatter. These symbols enhance winning possibilities and add an extra layer of excitement. The game also features a Jackpot Cards bonus game, elevating the thrill of play. Additional features like multi-denomination, gamble, and autoplay options enrich the gaming experience.

Visually, this title is captivating, showcasing a harmonious blend of artistic imagery and classic slot symbols. The game’s design is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience across different platforms.

Art of Gold: Key Features

How to Play Art of Gold?

To start, load the game in your preferred web browser. Before spinning the reels, it’s important to select a wager that aligns with your playing style. The betting range in Art of Gold varies from $0.40 to $8, accommodating both conservative and more adventurous players.

Once you’ve set your bet, initiate gameplay by pressing the spin button. Art of Gold unfolds on a 5×4 board with 40 fixed paylines, where winning combinations are form from left to right based on your selected wager. The game’s interface is user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player.

How to Play Art of Gold?

To enhance your chances of winning, pay attention to the special symbols like the Clover and the Dollar Sign. The Clover symbol, acting as a Stacked Wild, appears on specific reels and can substitute for regular symbols, potentially leading to more winning combinations. The Dollar Sign, serving as the Scatter, offers rewards that are not dependent on the traditional paylines.

Art of Gold also includes a Gamble feature, which is an optional choice for players to potentially increase their winnings after a successful spin. This feature becomes available for wins that are equal to or less than 35 times the stake, providing an opportunity for players to try their luck at doubling their winnings.

Bonus Features

Art of Gold enhances the slot experience with two distinct bonus features. These features not only add excitement but also provide players with opportunities for increased winnings. Each feature has its unique gameplay mechanics, offering a diverse gaming experience.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature in Art of Gold is a thrilling addition that activates after any winning spin. It presents players with a choice to gamble their current winnings in a double-or-nothing style game. The challenge lies in correctly guessing the color of the next card drawn. A correct guess results in doubling the winnings, adding a layer of excitement and risk to the gameplay. However, an incorrect guess means losing the winnings from that spin, making it a test of both luck and nerve.

Jackpot Cards

The Jackpot Cards feature is a progressive jackpot system, adding a significant potential payout to every spin. This feature can be randomly triggered after any paid spin. Players are presented with 12 face-down cards and must select cards to reveal their suits. Matching three cards of the same suit awards the corresponding jackpot prize. There are four levels of progressive jackpots, each represented by a card suit, ranging from Clubs, the lowest, to Spades, the highest. This feature offers a chance at substantial wins, making every spin potentially more rewarding and engaging.

Slot Verdict

Art of Gold by Amusnet (EGT Interactive) is a classic-themed slot that combines the simplicity of fruit machine aesthetics with modern slot mechanics. With its 5×4 layout and 40 fixed paylines, it offers straightforward gameplay suitable for both new and experienced players. The betting range of €0.4 to €8 caters to a variety of players, from casual to more serious gamblers. The game’s standout features include the Gamble Feature, offering a chance to double winnings, and the Jackpot Cards, providing opportunities for significant progressive jackpot wins. The low-to-medium volatility and an RTP of 96.25% make it a balanced choice, offering frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts.

Overall, Art of Gold is a solid choice for players who enjoy classic slot themes with the added excitement of modern features. Its combination of simple gameplay, engaging bonus features, and the potential for big jackpot wins make it a compelling option in the world of online slots.

Art of Gold FAQ

Art of Gold Slot Review
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  • Bonus Features
  • Payouts
User Review
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Above Average RTP of 96.25%
Low-to-Medium Volatility for balanced gameplay
Gamble Feature to potentially double winnings
Progressive Jackpot Cards for substantial wins
Mobile Compatibility for gaming on various devices
Classic theme may not appeal to all players
Limited Betting Range ($0.4 to $8)
No Free Spins or unique bonus rounds

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